A Quick Twitter Button

Written on 5 September, 2009 by davidc

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Twitter ButtonDo you have several empty advert spaces? Use Twitter? Why don’t you fill one advert space with an advert for your Twitter page?

Now there are loads of different Twitter logos, and I’m sure I could have come up with a slightly better design, but for now, this quick button will fill one of my advert spaces and promote my own Twitter page.

The button is free and can be downloaded here:
Temp Twitter Advert

125Cards leap year give-away Winners

Written on 10 March, 2008 by davidc

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Firstly I would like to apologies for the delay, I have been super busy with another project and as a result have hardy had time to think.

OK, to the important part — the Winners of Win a Custom 125×125 Design, 1000 Entrecard Points and more… are as follows.

First prize goes to: Jo
A Free Custom 125×125 design and a 1 month advert slot here on 125Cards.

Second prize goes to: BinaryWolf
1000 Entrecard points.

Third prize goes to: FOOL
A 1 month advert slot here on 125Cards.

Congratulation to the winners, I will be contacting you shortly, and thanks to everybody who entered.

I am thinking of running another similar give-away next month. If you run a similar website/blog and would like to donate a prize, please get in contact as the more prizes there are the bigger the competition will be.

One day left to enter the 125Cards Leap-Year Give-Away

Written on 28 February, 2008 by davidc

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You have one day left to enter the 125Cards.com Leap-Year Give-Away special.

At midnight on the 29th February, I will close off the comments on the Give-Away post and then shortly afterwards announce the winners.

So hurry, there is still time to enter and win a custom 125×125 design, 1000 Entrecard points and a month advert-slot here on 125Cards.

Take to the competition NOW!

Where to find free images and pictures for your 125×125 Advert

Written on 26 February, 2008 by davidc

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Creating your own 125×125 advert artwork from scratch is great, but sometimes you just need an image quick — and preferably it needs to be free — but where can you find quality royalty free images and photos fast?

Although there are now hundreds of such websites, I tend to gravitate towards two, Stock Xchng and Fotolia. Both offer royalty free images and also have very reasonably priced pro images that can be bought for only a few pence/cents.


Bare in mind that some images may have restrictions, but you should find that you can usually contact the owner and get permission to use the images for almost anything — be it personal or commercial work.

Reader Feedback: Do you use royalty free images in your adverts or on your website?
If yes, what sites do you use and why?

Win a Custom 125×125 Design, 1000 Entrecard Points and more…

Written on 23 February, 2008 by davidc

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Win a custom 125×125 designRoll up Roll up, the 125Cards Leap Year give-away has started.I am giving away 1 Free Custom Designed 125×125 Advert with 1 month free advertising here on 125Cards.com. I am also giving away 1000 Entrecard Points, and another separate 1 month of free advertising here on 125Cards.The Prizes (Gifts).

  1. A Free Custom Designed 125×125 Advert (You tell me what you want and I will design it for you) + 1 months Free advertising here on 125Cards.com
  2. 1000 Entrecard Points – spend them on whatever you like!
  3. 1 months Free advertising here on 125Cards.com

win 1000 Entrecard pointsTo take part, all you need to do is Subscribe to 125Cards.com (by email or RSS). Once you have done that, post a comment below to say hello, hi or whatever you like.

  1. Subscribe to 125Cards – either email or RSS
  2. Leave a comment below

The Competition will run for 7 (Seven) days and finish at 12 midnight on the 29th February 2008 (GMT time).3 winners will be picked at random and announced shortly afterwards.Right, let the fun begin…


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